For Me and My Gal

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The Story:

      Just fired from her job and besieged by hysterical phone calls from her mother, Shelby Pratt is having the Worst Week Ever. An apology from an attractive woman for her part in Shelby's firing doesn't begin to make up for it.
      Gwen Lawford feels badly for the waitress, but there's little she can do. In a constant battle to save the Alameda Naval Museum from the clutches of a cost-cutting city council, she's devoted to ensuring that a unique history of courage and sacrifice isn't buried under an office park or shopping mall.
      When their paths cross again at the historic museum building, Shelby is intrigued by Gwen's cause. Researching a mysterious affair between a Rosie-the-Riveter shipyard worker and a Navy WAVES recruit is a mutual academic first. But secrets, past and present, threaten everything, including their future.

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