Songs Without Words

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      Thirty-eight year old Harper Sheridan is a woman approaching a critical turning point in her life. A university librarian and musician, Harper moves among the artistic community of the exciting Bay Area of Northern California. With summers off work, she spends them searching for an ideal she has pursued for twenty years - a meaningful and authentic life.

       Two years ago, during an intense summer romance with vibrant young Chelsea Nichols, Harper thought she had finally found what was missing. But at the end of that summer, Chelsea returned to her ex and Harper lost the only person she had ever truly loved. Now, it's summer once again, with all the promise of new beginnings. Harper's sights are set on finding a new direction and leaving her past behind. But as summer begins, Harper is confronted with surprises that undermine her plans and threaten to shatter her heart all over again.

       Through the course of nineteen years of summers, Harper's story unfolds as she searches, grows, loves, loses love, and eventually finds her way through instinct and heart.

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