This is a story of time travel and timeless love. When police officer Dani Barsetti is accidentally transported into the future, everything about her existence in the 21st century is erased. When she returns to her own timeline, nobody knows her, not her family, not her coworkers, not even her wife Gemma. In a Caribbean island paradise, nurse Jaye Northrup has her life under control until her friend and coworker, Megan "Willie" Willett is kidnapped. Her life unravels even further when California college student Megan Willett, visiting on Spring Break, catches her eye and tries, with all her wiles, to catch Jaye's heart as well. (Lambda Literary Award Winner)
A sweeping romantic adventure that follows the journey of Shirley "Mutt" Hopper on her quest across America as she searches for a home, identity and love.
A modern comedy set in the bohemian theater scene of Ashland, Oregon. Several pairs of lovers, more than one set of twins, a murderous villain and seven delightful goats populate this story of love, revenge and, of course, fabulous food. Jackie Townsend is a small town veterinarian. Stef Byers is a big city cop running away from her life. This is the story of how a horrible accident nearly destroys one woman and how another tries everything in her power to save her. The story of two women who found each other at the wrong time in their lives and then rediscovered one another in the most unlikely of places, the Arctic Circle.
For Me and My Gal Something to Believe Songs Without Words
A tale of two romances: one present day and one set during World War II. What ties them together may bring happiness or destroy both the new love and a love that has survived the ages.            (GCLS Award Winner)
A story of unexpected love set against the landscape of an exotic land where myth is omnipresent but offers no reliable hope or protection from real life.
A story about a musician for whom a summer romance changes the course of her life and allows her to realize her potential for love and so much more.
Waltzing at Midnight Not Every River Late Bloomers
           (GCLS Award Winner)
A romance about a 40-year old married woman and mother of two who falls in love with another woman and how her life is transformed in a myriad of ways.
Set in Yuma, AZ, the hottest city in the U.S., this is a romance between two reluctant lovers. A cast of colorful characters populate this tale of love, buried treasure and the courage to veer off the beaten path. A collection of 38 funny,
sexy, and touching coming-out
stories from women who took
their time getting here.