Poems by Catherine Gardiner
"Love Poem"
(From Waltzing at Midnight)
(From Songs Without Words)
      Come home, ogress, claws bared
      brown curls bouncing
      rage in your veins
         your blue-green veins
      arms and legs thrashing
         crashing through walls
      Come home,
      scratch out my eyes
      like a demon like a cat
      I'll drive a stake through your heart,
         vampire girl
      while you suck away my blood, my life
      I'll drink it in again
         from your punctured breast.

Young girl sat
   spinning, spinning,
knotting herself into a tapestry
of mothers upon mothers,
a pantheon of mothers
stretched along her coiled thread.
Each one sat
   spinning, spinning,
admiring the crimson and the silver
where blood of moonlight mingles
in the fine lines of cloth,
consecrated by unquestionables
While daughters upon daughters sat
   spinning, spinning,
weaving a dense web of ignorance
and vainglory
around and through themselves
to please their mothers
Who sat
   spinning, spinning,
welcoming the end of their days
with regrets for
the patterns and the colors,
mutely dreaming of unravelings,
But only
   wailing, wailing
over the spinning
of young girl who sits smiling
at the flawless absolutes
in the shroud she has made.