Two on the Aisle

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      Act 1, Scene 1. Ashland, Oregon. Enter WREN LANDRY.

       Wren has happily fled San Francisco and her nationally-known work as secretive food critic Eno Threlkeld for a few weeks' vacation to visit her twin brother, Raven. Enter Raven, thrilled to be playing Beatrice in this season's Much Ado About Nothing. Enter SOPHIE WARD, former investment banker turned goat farmer and cheese monger, followed by a ruthless celebrity chef with a grudge against Eno, a zealous cupcake competitor, a baker who makes aebleskivers everybody covets, a family of Danish immigrants with a fishy back story, and a dubious seer whose predictions might just hold the key to averting disaster.
      In this mixed-up story of mistaken identities, mysterious pasts, miscues, merriment and mayhem, love runs amok on the streets of a Shakespearean festival town, and only the goats on Tallulah Rose Farm know how it will all end.

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